About Jade

Recently I had an opportunity to get to know one of my classmates, Jade. She is a 20 year-old HPU student from Detroit, Michigan who has double major of international studies/Asian studies and Japanese. Her future dream is to be a sustainable designer and architect. She chose to go to a university in Hawaii because there are a lot of people from different countries, and Hawaii would be the best place for her to study international/Asian studies, and Japanese language.

Through our conversation, I found out that she joined the summer volunteer program in Thailand last year. Actually, I was thinking about applying for the same volunteer this year, but I was nervous about it because I have no idea that how difficult the volunteer is going to be. However, she taught me about the great experiences she had through staying in Thailand for almost a month. Her story inspired me, and I decided to apply for the program 🙂 Now I cannot to wait to go to Thailand this summer.

Not only Thailand, she has been to Japan, Italy, and Canada. She said she wants to visit Costa Rica, Spain, England, Greece, and Indonesia. I hope she come true her future dream of being a sustainable designer and succeed worldwide.


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