Victor, a Victim of society

I met with Victor an early morning, we both showed up a little late to our rendezvous point with a drink in our hands. Victor with an organic tea and me with a coffee from McDonalds. I immediately understood that I was facing an environmental freedom fighter. We started talking and I quickly learnt a lot about the man in front of me and his journey through life. Victor is a guy from California who has spent most of his time there, after high school he joined the military and eventually found himself on Hawaii. He fell in love and is now living here although he no longer works for the military. Even though Victors schedule is one of few open slots he still finds time for candle lit dinners with his girlfriend and long sunset walks on the beach with his dog Stone. On his scarce free time he spends time to build up his portfolio in photography and cinematography for his future fame within the branch. His next project will be a documentary about the working homeless in Honolulu. A subject that he thinks is being handled poorly by the politicians in the country. He refused to give me a release date but we will surely be waiting impatiently for this masterpiece to hit the big screen.

Until then we say Mahalo to Victor and wish him the bests of luck in his endeavours.


One thought on “Victor, a Victim of society

  1. His dog’s name is Stone and back in high school I knew a kid named Stone who shot a dog. Everyone barked at him afterwards. Maybe Victor barks at his Stone sometimes too.


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