Other Media Pranks

What is a media prank?

Let’s say that it is a prank that utilizes some form of media in order to be executed.

War of the Worlds

This was not so much a prank, but more of an accidental prank. If you don’t know; Orsen Wells made a radio show in 1938 about Martians attacking, and people thought it was a legitimate newscast.

Are there others?

I could not think of any prank that used media to be executed, but I could think of one that has taken advantage of media to inform the world of how wonderful it was.

Stephen Colbert

Aside from showing up to character to a Congressional meeting and disrupting the ballots by running for president he has lifted are hearts with many wonderful news shows.

Satire speech directly to the President.

At a White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, Stephen Colbert was asked to join the dinner and give a speech. He showed up, in character, and blasted George Bush. Totally got away with it using sarcasm.

Here is a video of his speach.


One thought on “Other Media Pranks

  1. Hey Butler,

    I sort of agree with your perspective that the Orson Wells prank was an accidental prank. Although, I feel that this was an unusual prank, and that the core of its “success” really lies in the newspapers and not solely from the broadcasting of Orson Wells. It was because of the media and news papers excessive talk about a mass hysteria that the idea of a mass hysteria arose. Nobody was even really listening to the broadcast and when Well talks about the alien invasion he say’s it so calmly that it is really hard to believe that it was real, and it was also the day before Halloween. If it wasn’t for the media’s uproar about the broadcast, nothing would have been said and the prank would have been “unsuccessful”. But with the media it became “successful.” Great post!

    -Alex A.


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