Shadow of the Internet of Things

Aside from being a really weird title that sounds like it was thought up by a seven year old, the Internet of Things (IOT) defines all of the various devices that can connect to the internet. Yes, I know it should be called the “things of the internet” or “Items Online,” but whatever; what do you and I know??


Shadows, when concerning information technology (IT) can refer to parts of your hardware and software that is running, but you don’t know about.

The Shadows of Things

That’s what I call shadows concerning the IOT. Some say that by 2020, over 50 billion devices will be on the internet.

That is a lot of different hardware, networks of companies, and millions of moving parts. Plenty of room for shadows. Especially when the average end user cares nothing about coding, developing, or how their device works; they just care that it works.


Does this scare some? How many of you want to put on your foil hats after reading about how easily companies can control a society that uses their software and hardware?

Personally, this does not scare me. I believe in God and the Bible and it promises hard times. Therefore, I just think it’s a matter of time for some cause of destruction or control. This is what has always happened to society throughout history.

But, I believe in the goodness of God enough to have hope that their will be enough good that comes from technology to outweigh the bad.



One thought on “Shadow of the Internet of Things

  1. Once I discovered the power of the internet and how easily devices connected to the internet could be hacked by experts I became less enthusiastic about all the new technology coming out with these features. Not to mention, the point you brought up about companies controlling the people who use their software and hardware. It’s very true that people who don’t know how their devices actually work have no idea of what’s actually going on. Every time I learn something new about a device and try to inform people about something they might need to know about their device, they usually don’t want to hear it, especially if it’s negative or “too complicated” for them to understand. However, it’s not that complicated if you have an open-mind and give it a chance. Unfortunately most people are too closed-minded to this type of information and, like you said, only care if it’s working. We can only hope for the future advancements in technology to come with enough good to outweigh the bad. Great post!


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