Fandom are a huge thing and can be important to man people. Connect to likeminded people, chat about the subject, and making friends are all important aspects of a fandom. There are websites devoted to being fans, you can go to conventions that feature our fandom, or even cosplay as a character. I personally almost belong to every fandom under the sun. Yes, I go to conventions, and yes, I have dressed up as a fictional character. Should I have a room so full of things dedicated to so many fandoms, I don’t know but, I do and I’m not killing people. There is a big stigma against people who get really into a show, video game, manga that they are anti-social, nerds, gross, fat, live at home. Some of that maybe true but not all. Everyone who watches t.v., reads, plays games and likes it is a fan of that thing and that may very well be your fandom and you don’t know it. Must people do know it however some like to keep it low-key but nothing I’d is low-key so I’m very open about being a Narutard or Potterhead. Sure, I get some weird looks from people who don’t understand or think it’s stupid but I feel it is a great way to be expressive, show my support, and connect to a community who loves it just as much.


4 thoughts on “FANDOM

  1. Hey Izzy!
    I loveeeeeee that you are apart of fandoms I think that is so so awesome! I think connecting with people through interests like that is incredible and beautiful. Also I love that you go to conventions! Are you going to Kawaii-con and what do you usually cosplay as?

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    1. Hell yeah I’m going :D! In fact with Jun lol. I mainly do steam punk but I have done Naruto, Vampire Knight, and lolita as well


  2. The great things about fandoms is you’re never alone in the thing you love. Even if it may seem like you’re the only nerd/weirdo interested, eventually you’ll always find the community you belong in with others who share the things you love. That’s the thing I love most about events/conventions like the Kawaii Kon. You never realize how many people are truly into those things until you attend a convention and find out there are waayyyy more people who are even more crazy than you about the things you love. Like, hardcore crazy lol. This is why even if you’re a first timer at these events, you always leave in a good mood knowing that yes there’s others like you and no you’re never alone. It really is a great way to make new friends and bring people together.


  3. It’s good to know who does not see the beauty in being excited for something, allowing yourself to feel that way, and enjoying that feeling with others. It may seem excessive to some, but that excess is full of joy.


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