Fan? Admirer? Lover? Follower?

I absolutely love the idea of fandoms, even though I am not a part of a fandom myself. I think the idea of people coming together from common interests is an incredibly powerful thing and one of the greatest concepts that has resulted from the media. It’s like having another family that you don’t even know but feel connected with because you are all die-hard fans of the same thing. I admire that mutual connection people can have, it’s beautiful.

I personally am not a part of any fandoms, despite my high admiration of them. I have never found myself to be a true die-hard fan of anything to the point that I wanted to join a group of people that hold the same interest. As well, I am very personal when it comes to my interests and I very rarely like to talk about what I am into. I don’t know why; I think I like to keep my interests private because I form a deep connection with them and I feel that others aren’t going to appreciate it or see it the same way as I do, and I honestly don’t mind that. My interests are my interests and I don’t feel the need to have other people’s validation of what I like. As well, I feel like a lot of fandoms today are too obsessed with the personal lives of artists, and I actually don’t like knowing the personal lives of artists. I think it clashes with their work and how I may view something that they make; it takes away the mystery behind their inspiration and motivation for their craft, and hinders my own relationship and thoughts on their work. Nonetheless, I still very much admire fandoms, and the power and connection they obtain.

However, for my personal interests, I have a lot, and they change a lot too. I love a wide variety of music and movies. I listen to just about every genre of music, although recently I have been really into hype music that has a lot of rage and such a strong underlying bass that when you blast the song you can literally feel the song’s vibration. I don’t know, this semester has been stressful and hype music has been very relatable. Some hype artists that I have been listening to include $uicideboy$, Night Lovell, Bones, and X.

Although, some musical artists that I have been a fan of for a few years include Tame Impala, Jamie xx, Beach Fossils, Alt-J, Alabama Shakes, Mac Demarco, The Strokes, Sales, and Tash Sultana. Tame Impala’s most recent album Currents has been one of my all time favorite albums since it was released three years ago. It is truly a masterpiece of psychedelic vibes and is like nothing I have ever listened to before. The entire album is truly incredible, and there is not one song that I am not completely in love with. Additionally, I am a real fan of instrumental, especially the guitar. I love how majestic and diverse the guitar can sound. Some of my favorite guitar tracks include, “Sleep Apnea” by Beach Fossils, “Vow” by Sales, “Jungle” by Tash,  Sultana, “Future People” by Alabama Shakes, “Chamber of Reflections” and “My Kind of Woman” by Mac Demarco and “Taken for a Fool” by The Strokes.


However, I will say that I am more into movies that I am into music. I will literally watch any movie someone recommends. I absolutely love movies and I can’t say that I have a favorite genre because I’ll literally watch anything. Although, I prefer international films or films with weird concepts such as Synecdoche, New York (2008) directed by Charlie Kaufman or the French film Mood Indigo (2014) directed by Michel Gondry. Although, I am more into the cinematic aspect of films than I am into the story-line and genre of the film. I love films that have pastel and bright tone color pallet aesthetics. Such as Suspiria (1977) directed by Dario Argento, Her (2013) directed by Spike Jones, Neon Demon (2016) directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, and Enter The Void (2010) by Gaspar Noé. I admire cinematography and love looking at how cinematographers film their movies, and how their cinematic choices relate to the story-line and other themes of the film. I truly applaud the aesthetics of film and how it affects the reality of the film. I find it so beautiful and pure.


All in all, this turned out to be a very long blog post. But I have a lot of interests and am a fan of a variety of different things. However, I will say that I am mainly a of fan of music and movies, specifically songs with guitars and films with vibrant or pastel aesthetics, and films with weird story-lines.


3 thoughts on “Fan? Admirer? Lover? Follower?

  1. I’m a fanatic. I learn everything about a series until I am a scholar in the subject. You know me anything I do I’m extra about it. I Consider music to be in the cover of randoms I you like something you are apart of the fandom you just haven’t gone obsessive…yet.


  2. I feel similarly about cinematography! In fact, throw away plot. I’ll watch 3 hours of nothing if it moves my senses.


  3. I’m in a few fandoms and I’m extremely proud of them. It’s a place where I can express my opinions and feelings about the stories and canon situations and not fear judgment and ridicule.
    Sometimes I feel as if movies are the creations of a fandom, in a sense. Many movies nowadays are based off of something that came beforehand, like comics or books. It’s because of the fanbase, and by extension the fandom, that people were able to know about the original work and then it caught the attention of moviemakers and they made a live action version of the work.


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