What I am a Fan of

Superheroes and Superpowers


Seriously, I am still a kid when it comes to this subject. I love superhero movies, comic books, and learning about superheroes. It doesn’t have to be the traditional Marvel or DC, any story about superheroes and I’m into it.



I love superheroes, and they are at the top of the list. Spider-man is my favorite.


Star Wars


Unlike the Trekkies that we learned about in class, I do not travel to cons for my interests, but I do love Star Trek’s arch nemesis: Start Wars.

It’s a truly epic tale about good versus evil that in a lot of ways parallels the Bible (which is my biggest interest.


3 thoughts on “What I am a Fan of

  1. Your fandoms are enjoyable. I am one of those crazy fans that wants to know everything about the series until I’m a scholar in the subject.


  2. Hey Butler,

    I think that’s so cool that you like superheros, there isn’t an age limit to interests in my opinion. Like what you want, honestly. I think spider-man is pretty awesome as well. If I had to choose a favorite superhero it would have to be Swamp Thing (I had to look that up) or Starfire (I had to look that up also). I’m not really into superheros but I do like the bad-ass women super heroes. And when I looked up superheros, like just now, I saw that Starfire is 6’4″ which is taller than Batman and Superman, and I really really love that. It defies the stereotypical “women are shorter than men”. I love that “masculine” ideology she obtains. Also Swamp Thing is such a cool name, like could you image the writers sitting in a meeting and looking at this green being, and saying
    “what should we call this….thing?”
    “I don’t know man, it lives in a swamp….hmmmm… I got it… ‘swamp man.'”
    “I don’t know man, is it gendered?”
    “I don’t know man, I want to go on our lunch break already, lets just call it ‘swamp thing.'”
    “I think that works, lets go to lunch, I want a burger.”
    That was so extra, but I don’t I think that is such a funny and iconic name. Great post!

    -Alex A.


  3. That’s awesome! I believe everyone, no matter how old is a kid at heart. Even if it’s only a small side to them that only comes out in the rarest of occasions, it still exists. I always get hated on for saying this but I only recently sat down to watch the first Star Wars movie. I had never seen it before because growing up I never took interest to it. Then I hit a point in my life where I finally started getting into superheroes and comic book stories and things like that. Then it was brought to my attention that I had still never seen Star Wars and I needed to watch it ASAP so I finally sat down and binged it at the beginning of this semester. Only now do I get the craze, the references and what everyone has always been talking about. It was definitely more interesting than I had anticipated. Now I just have to watch the most recent one that came out and I’ll be all caught up.


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