This is Vania Boediman

I interviewed a girl from Jakarta, Indonesia named Vania Azalia Boediman. Her nickname is Vania or Anya. She has one older sister and two younger sisters. She chose Hawaii Pacific University because she likes smaller class sometimes. She is majoring in Integrated Multimedia because she loves graphic design and also she likes to make movie projects.

Vania’s hobbies are singing and dancing, and that is what she does when she has nothing to do. She usually hangs out with her cousins and her friends on the weekends.

She likes living in Hawaii so far even though she misses her home country, Indonesia, so much. She says that the culture in Hawaii and Indonesia is different, especially their foods and their people, that is what she misses the most. Even though she misses Indonesian food, her favorite food in Hawaii is the Ahi Poke.

Her future plan is going back to Indonesia after she graduates from Hawaii Pacific University and she is going to work as a graphic designer.



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