Media Pranking

When thinking back on Orson Welles’s so called “prank” War of the Worlds, it’s quite an interesting story on how the story played out. I don’t think prank was the right word to use when describing the situation. People should be careful when using that word because it can really reflect badly on an individual. What Welles did was not meant to be prank and he did nothing wrong. All he did was write a story that happened to be so realistic that it was mistaken for a real event happening in that moment. It was because of people tuning in late,  misunderstanding it, and spreading the news that led to complete chaos. Welles then came on air to tell everyone what was really happening and apologizing for the misunderstanding. He truly felt bad about the whole thing and feared  for his future career because of the bad reputation he thought he might get. That’s the thing about media and society, they have a bad habit of creating drama out of nothing, even though a lot of them probably didn’t do it intentionally, spreading unnecessary drama or making things seem like they’re bigger than they really are is a horrible trend. Many people do it for ratings, attention, or just to cause drama and it really needs to stop because it can lead to unnecessary stress.

Back to the main topic, although he can’t actually be categorized as a prankster, there have been many rising pranksters as the years have gone by. The ones I can remember off the top of my head was when I would see news reports on discovery/history/animal channels of mythical creatures being caught on tape and several years later, credible news stations would confirm that it was just a hoax. Someone wanting to get attention or take credit for something that didn’t actually happen or wasn’t real. Or maybe they just like messing with people and like trying to see how many people they can convince that something is real. It’s almost a little scary how good people are getting at creating the illusion of a monster or some kind of living organism using CGI as well as other types of computer/animated software. That’s where the future generations of pranksters are headed and, knowing how advanced technology is getting, as well as how many horrible people are out there scares me just a little because there may be a future where you may never know what news reports are real. That might be when it becomes seriously annoying and dangerous.


One thought on “Media Pranking

  1. You mean to tell me the picture of the unicorn isn’t real? Hard to sometimes know what’s real and fake online but, when it comes to mythical creatures I tend to think they maybe just pulling my leg lol.


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