Meet Nirmala

Nirmala Young is a second year student here at Hawaii Pacific University. She is a Mass Communications major with a minor in Spanish. She comes here all the way from Maine, which is the farthest US state you can come to Hawaii from, she’s quite a bit away from home. She misses the weather back home. “I miss the change of seasons”, she explained in an interview, saying that Maine has distinct change between each season, summer is warm, it’s cold and snowy in winter, beautiful leaves changing color in the fall, and perfect days during the spring.


An interesting fact you might not know about Nirmala is that she is a pretty popular meme. She has been featured on Reddit, Facebook, and even Buzzfeed. It all started during her semester abroad in Italy, when her class decided to feed the birds in a large plaza. The birds got a little spooked and flew all over and she made an unforgettable face that her best friend had caught on camera. She posted the picture to Facebook not knowing how popular it would become. Soon enough, she now has over a million notes, retweets, and comments on Tumblr and other social media sites. Then people started photoshopping her face over famous works of art, like her face photoshopped over Joan of Arc and The Scream. It is so cool that she has become so popular, however, no one actually knows her name they just see the picture and know it as the pigeon girl. Go ahead, type in pigeon girl meme into google and I am sure you will find her as a meme.


2 thoughts on “Meet Nirmala

  1. I salute you, and all of the other nameless meme faces out there, floating, forever destined to be reposted by content stealing animated fish accounts and the like


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