2nd Workshop

On 4/12/2017 the class did a workshop in MP 318. Using many different cameras but our first and the most amazing camera I have seen was the RED camera. Each person in class had a roll from lighting, sound, camera operator, and talent. I myself was in charge of getting production stills. I used a Canon Rebel T3i. It was so much fun taking pictures of the crew and I even played paparazzi by getting in their faces and trying to get the most interesting angles I could. I have not seen many of the pictures but I do hope I got some really cool ones. I loved working as someone that does the ‘behind the sense’ thing. It has opened my eyes that there are more camera options other than filming the actual project. There is filming the people filming. It is also not as stressful to me and I got to chat and mingle with everyone on set. It is something now that I am very interested in. It was tricky trying to get some shots because the shutter was loud and have to dodge being in the camera shot but it was still enjoyable. Overall I really had fun working with the people and being a part of the crew but also not having to be part or the main filming crew and having the independence to shoot whatever I wanted.


One thought on “2nd Workshop

  1. Yes!! The RED camera is awesome! I love that camera, and how it films, and the effect you get by using the RED. That day was fun, I agree. I feel like when we do stuff like that in class you learn more, than just to sit in a classroom and listen to how to make a film, and how a camera works. When we do stuff like l this, we get the chance to see how it works, and how to use the camera, for me as a person I learn more by doing that.

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