DOF video “Windy Day”

For the first project, I created I took my Canon T6 camera using EFS 18-55mm and EFS 75-300mm lenses to get the shots. I shot Project One Depth-of-field by myself on January 29, 2017 I call it Windy Day. It was a beautiful windy day and when that occurs my family opens up all the doors and windows to let the house air out. The wind was blowing around curtains and papers and I was truly enjoying the day. That is where I got the idea for my video. I wanted to catch the tranquil windy day around my home.

I wanted the audience to have a sense of the peaceful day and to relax. The video starts with a close up of the backyard fence with the background out of focus but being able to tell the grass and trees blowing around. The scene cuts to the camera peaking through out of focus blowing leaves looking at my family car. The rest of the outside scenes are focused on a tree blowing about from the wind. There are flowers going out and into focus along with a few birds sitting on some branches. The video goes inside my home looking through crystal cross in front of an open window. The moment in the background from the wind with the crystal in the forefront. After shifting around the Cross reflecting in the light the camera pans over to a picture of my brothers and me as children. The theme is a peaceful day at home.


2 thoughts on “DOF video “Windy Day”

  1. First of all, great video. When I saw your film in class, I really did get a sense of a peaceful day, and you showed that very well in your film. The picture you are sharing on your blog, that also start with a close up in your film, where the bird is the subject. I think that shot is really good, when we tried to do the same shot, just with another subject, we did not get the same result as you did, even though we used the same camera. But now that I read your blog, knowing that you used ( EFS 18-55mm and EFS 75-300mm lenses), that might have been the reason why we did not get the same effect .

    Thank you for sharing


  2. Hey Izzy,

    I enjoyed your DOF video. I remember your video having a true variety of shots. I really loved that shallow depth of field shot with the fence, I thought that was really good. Also I love your feature images. I like how you are zoomed in on the bird and the branches in the front are out of focus. I think that captivates the bird really well.

    -Alex A.


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