Landscape Video “Takeoff”

For the second project, I created I took my Canon T6 camera using EFS 18-55mm lenses to get the shots. I shot Project Two Landscape by myself on February 12, 2017 I call it Takeoff. The day I was filming the morning was extremely rainy and I was worried about not being able to shoot but the weather cleared up nicely and I was able to get some video late in the day. The sky looked so nice and clean looking out. This is where I got the idea for my video, I wanted my project to have a lot of the sky in it. I wanted to catch the contrast of the sun, blue sky, and green grass.

The video starts with a shot of the new path ways at Ala Moana as the clouds parted and the sun came out. It was really humid and hot out, I didn’t have a tripod with me so I had to improvise and set my camera on a railing and hold it still. The next shot was taken on a walking bridge over the main gate to Hickam Air Force Base.  One shot was facing toward the gate and one was a facing away from the gate. In between was of a person walking away from the camera which was a running theme in the video. The next clip was taken in front of Freedom Tower on Hickam. The man starts off by walking away and with editing I did jump shots of him getting further away. Until, he is out of sight and it’s just the tower and field in the shot. The next shot was of an airplane in a sky with the sun starting to set. Then it is at a pier with the camera facing east in the distance Dimond Head and some buildings can be seen along with the dark ocean water. At the pier, the water looks black and the sun is starting to set. The running theme that reoccurs with the man walking on the wall next to the water getting further away. The next shot the camera is in the shadow of a tree and through the leaves the sun shines through with the water in the back ground. The last shot goes back to the plane flying away.


One thought on “Landscape Video “Takeoff”

  1. Hey Izzy,

    I really really enjoyed your landscape video. You have really nice sunset shots. Also I really liked your character that your incorporated into your film. I think it helped to set up a nice relationship and engagement between him and the audience. Great job!



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