Magnum P.I. In Time

This is the Intro to my Magnum P.I. Paper and a little taste in what I wrote about.

Magnum P.I. is an American crime fighting television show about an ex-Navy Seal turned private investigator and his ex-military buddies living on Oahu and fighting crime while getting the girl. As Hawaii Five-0 was coming to a close there was a need for a new TV crime show and Magnum P.I was created. Originally it was set in California L.A. but seeing as Five-0 was ending and it was a perfect time for a new show to pop up and take place in the islands. The show aired on CBS for eight seasons producing 162 episodes. For the first six seasons, it aired on Thursday’s at 8:00PM. “During the last two seasons, it jumped around to five different time slots. It was ranked in the Top 20 (Nielsen) for the first five seasons, reaching a high of #3 during the third season (1982-198)” (Mania). People all over the world watched the cool privet investigator save the day, get the girl, and live in paradise, a dream for a lot of people in the time. Magnum P.I. was a show heavily affected by the years the show ran in, the chosen location and audience, and some other things I personally believed made it what it is and how it is still holding up.



One thought on “Magnum P.I. In Time

  1. That was a wise decision for them to create the show just as Hawaii Five-0 was ending. By doing that they already had a fan base that would be interested in the show and it allowed those fans to be able to keep watching that type of crime fighting genre instead of being left with nothing to latch onto next. It continues to amaze me that so many different types of shows and movies can be filmed on such a small, somewhat cramped (in certain areas) island, with only a select group of people knowing about it. Just goes to show experts really know know to keep things low-key when they need to be and work in a variety of different environments. That’s what makes them experts.


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