Music Video

Working the music video, me and my partner Elle got together and did some filming. We used her camera as the primary camera and my Canon T6 as secondary. I got a lot of the moving shots and secondary angles. We filmed in Ala Moana beach park at around 5:30 P.M. and filmed a little past 6:40. We had four actors on hand but also had to rely on random strangers. We asked a few couples if we could film them being in love or just going by. Most of them said yes and we proceeded to either shoot them up close and head on or have them walk by or just be in passing shots. Elle is the master mind director and editor here, she has a lot of vision but is also open to many ideas. For the music, we are actually using a song by her sister and were given permission to use. Her sister is excited to see what we will come up with. We have had some issues mainly trying to transfer data from one computer to the other but I am pretty sure we got it figured out. I am excited to see what the finished product will look like. I also used this opportunity to take a picture and use it for the Instagram blog part of this class.


One thought on “Music Video

  1. I remember I saw your music video in class, I really liked it a lot, because of the way you guys shot your video. The different type of shots you guys took made the video more alive, but also your story was connected to the song, which I really liked at as well.


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