Pulp Fiction Workshop

On 4/21/2017 our class came together at aloha tower market place to shoot a video for a workshop in our class. There was a free film on and we used the chance to incorporate it into our video. We got together at 3:30 and went over our plans and goals and then had to do a fair amount of waiting to get started. One bit that was supposed to be in our video got cut out because it was to take place outside and it was raining. We filmed with the RED camera and another one I cannot remember the name of. I used a Canon T3i for production stills. It took a while to set up and break down. The whole day went from 3:30-8:30ish. I got to use an attachable flash for the camera and it was really cool using it (even if I blinded myself). We all seemed to have the same idea and work well with each other. I was feeling a little bad for the people who showed up to really watch the movie and then had to wait about an hour to watch it and have to be there for all the retakes but, they got free pizza out of it so I don’t feel too bad. It was a great experience and I had a pretty good time.


3 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Workshop

  1. I actually used that camera (Canon T3i) for some of the projects we did in class. I really like this camera mostly because I really like what it can do. I did take a basic photography course to teach me how to use it, which was highly useful. The only bad thing about this camera is, it has a Slow frame rate for sports shooting


  2. So the Pulp Fiction screening actually happened and was not a hoax created by the university to lure students into registering for MULT 2060. I’m glad.


  3. Hey Izzy,

    It was so much fun working on this production with you. You were a great paparazzi and that pizza scene was epic. I truly enjoyed working on this production overall, I learned a lot. Also that camera we used was crazy heavy and and the lens was so wide and deep, I was shook. Great post! Post your eyes are okay.



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