How to make a personal film project happen.

I am a huge believer in personal projects, because stories that mean something to you and something that is being shared with the world makes it more personal, inspiring and refreshing, and the audience can feel that. So how can you make a personal project happen, I will walk you through by given you 4 lessons on how to do it

SPEND TIME FINDING STORIES YOU CAN CONNECT WITH- Before starting a film project, it always starts with the story no doubt. If you don’t have a story to connect with, the odds of you completing a film will be hard. Make sure that the story is something that matters to you and makes sure that the charters will bring that to life in your film.

MAKE SURE TO PUT YOUR PERSONAL PROJECTS IN THE CALENDAR-When you have come up with a story of yours and the characters of your personal project, make sure to put everything you have on your calendar. That also included all the Pre-production, production, and post-production, that way you can keep up with what needs to be done.

START NOW AND SET AN END GOAL FOR YOURSELF- Make sure your personal project has an end goal in your calendar. If you don’t have an end goal it will not give you a satisfaction of achieving something, if you do set a goal when to film it will give you the motivation of success and completion.

VIEWS DON’T MATTER. YOUR WHY DOES-Now that you have spent all of your time finding a great story and characters, and putting everything on your calendar, and going through different stages of predication, you can now start your personal project film. Always remember why your created your personal project  in the first place, and what it meant for you, regardless of the view count, likes or praise


2 thoughts on “How to make a personal film project happen.

  1. My issue is trying to work with people. Since starting my major I have found out Don’t work with college students. Most of the time they will flake out. Also to really know the people you work with and their strengths. Good job.


  2. Hey Anna,

    I love this! A lot! This gave me motivation to do some of my own personal films this summer. I admire this post and I love working by myself, so It was nice to reassured that I can make my own films if I just plan them out an commit. Great post!



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