Landscape Exercises

Working on the Landscape project for our class, and even before start to film I  would write down as many thought and ideas as possible on a paper, and  I would then use that as my inspiration to find the visuals. For me that was much easier to do, than just to go with images only ,and as a person when I film, it is important that the images that I film would tell a story, each of the images that me and my production team shot during this exercise, we had to make sure that each of our images had a purpose and would have a story behind the image.

Furthermore, we would write down about the transition, the lighting, and the camera movement, and then think of a location where no one has shot before, just to make sure that our images we filmed would be unique. After going over the details it began to flow a strong vision of the pieces we wanted to film, and once we figured that out, then we would start looking for imagery. In this project, we had to make sure the visuals would back our vision we had. By doing all that before filming, I learned that if you do that before starting a landscapes film project, you will get better results out of it.


2 thoughts on “Landscape Exercises

  1. I really liked your landscape video. The shot on the surfboard was really cool. i imagine being out there it is hard to not shake the camera a lot but you did a pretty good job.


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