Music Video Project

Becoming a music video director is a dream for many filmmaker, luckily for me, I had the opportunity to be part of making a music video for a group project in class.  When making a music video there are no rules to directing a music video, but there is a common template to follow, and I will be given you some of those tips on how to do that.

1, Before you even start to develop a creative shooting concept for your music video, you need to build up a dynamic connection between sights and sounds. So, what you need to do first is to write down a list of camera shots or draw up a visual storyboard for your music video, that way it will be easier for you to see your vision. Not only that, you need to choose a location for your music video shoot whatever that is in a studio, on location or both.


2,On the production day, you and your team will have to spend time to get the set ready, the lights need to be in position and the camera angles set. Make sure to test different lights, camera angels to get more visual pace, and try to record lots of video from each scene or location, this will be very useful for you when you are going to edit your music video.

3, Last but not least, now that you have your shooting notes and your storyboard, make sure to review all your footage and pick the ones that are the most important scenes for you, and import that to your editing system. Eliminate the shots that are technically poor, and work with the best video that suite for the music and your creative concept.






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