Field Exercise

In the beginning of the semester, I had to do a field exercise project by using, depth of field.  At first, I had no clue why it was so important to use the type of technique, depth of field. But after doing the exercise, I realized that when you use this kind of technique while producing a film, it helps describe how a meaning is created and brought forward.

Depth of Field ”It’s the area of your image that’s in focus. In other words, you can use it to make blurry backgrounds and blurry foregrounds.”  You use Depth of Field to directs the viewers’ attention, so when you place things out of focus, the audience does not pay attention to them. But instead, they focus on the part of the image that is in focus.

As an example, If you look at the picture above, the image you see may just look like a normal shot but it’s not. This shot is called depth of field, In the image, you see that the coffee cup is in focus, and everything else is out. This forces the eye to go right to the subject. When using depth of field  it can be a huge advantage for you, if you don’t have an appealing background to work with



3 thoughts on “Field Exercise

  1. It’s cool you got to use a location like a coffee shot for your shoot. You guys did a good a good job with the depth of field. Everything was so bright and clear when up close. the shots were nice and steady too.


  2. Hey Anna,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your video for this exercise!! I thought you did a really good job creating a non-sync sound narrative. Also your shots were really clear and cinematically pleasing. Also you’re editing was really on point too. I thoroughly enjoyed your video.

    -Alex A.


  3. Hey I liked this project of years. It was nice that Le Crepe allowed you guys to film there and it was nice seeing a project as simple as the one you have, plus the lighting in the project was nice too!


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