Digital Shadows/Hacking

Hopefully by this point in life, everyone who regularly uses the internet and understands how everything works is also aware of the digital shadow they leave behind everywhere they go on the internet. I’m talkin’ EVERY. MOVE. YOU. MAKE.

Any little thing people do or have done on the internet, search history, page views, and even the little details about every click made has and still probably is being recorded. That information is being collected and stored somewhere and someone is always looking through it. This is how businesses/companies figure out the latest trends people are into. As great as this can be for business, it’s not so good in the sense that information is being collected about you. By knowing your whereabouts on the internet, the things you like to do and what you’re into, people (possibly bad ones) can get a hold of that information and virtually do whatever they want with it as long as they know all the technicalities on how to do what they want.

Hackers scare me the most. Since nowadays more and more things are becoming digital, everything is starting to become done on the internet. This means it’s becoming more common and more frequent for people to input extremely personal information on the internet. Sure, this can be a very efficient process for businesses (banks for example) to keep track of their clients information and increase the accuracy of their records/data, however if a hacker were to crack into the system (which has been done before) they can ruin all of those people’s lives. It won’t be pretty for the clients or the businesses and then they will always have your personal information. Yes, this is the technology era but it’s also the most dangerous era with all the intelligent individuals (both good and bad) rising with the new innovations and technology. I’m almost afraid with what comes next because the more we become wireless and dive into the idea of creating entirely computer based products/household items, more things will be prone to hacking and our lives will become as easy as opening a book for a hacker to pry into. I hope with the new technology to come in the future, there will also be greater methods of protection and we are able to prepare for the worst by thinking like a hacker and coming up with every possible flaw in the designs.


2 thoughts on “Digital Shadows/Hacking

  1. There’s a whole movie coming out that’s centered around this perspective. It’s called The Circle and it’s one of the weirdest trailers I’ve seen for a movie in my life. It is even weirder than the North Korea movie with Seth Rogen. It’s odd to think that even though I’m by myself when I’m on the internet, I’m really not and I laugh for the poor soul that has to accompany me through my random Markiplier binges.


  2. Hey Jenna,

    I loved your post. It’s actually ironic that you talk about this because it reminds me of a YouTuber I’ve been obsessed with all semester, DomPlays. He plays this one game where he has to enter the deep web without a ninja and/or Russian hacker coming to kill him. He sucks at video games, so he literally dies every 5 minutes, but it’s the funniest thing ever.
    It is scary to think that everything we do on the internet is being recorded. Even me typing this comment. It makes me wonder what kind of deep web shenanigans is out there. I remember watching this video that talked about the deep web, and the different layers of the deep web, talking about how truly deep the web can get. Stating that “the Miranda” is one of the deepest places you can get to, that we know of. Thinking of all the things the general public doesn’t know about the internet, especially for a college student that lives in Hawaii, it is truly scary. But it’s okay I’m just gonna go back to watching mindless videos about gamers scare themselves and call it a day. Great post!



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