How to come up with a Great short film idea

Making a film can be very challenging sometimes on many levels. You have to go through the planning, pre-production, lighting and shooting, and then putting it all together in the edit. But before you are able to get to any of those steps, you have to have an idea. Not only that, you have to have an idea that is worth the considerable time, and effort that it takes to make that idea you have into a film. For me personally, I think that’s one of the hardest parts of marking a film, I mean you don’t want to waste your time on a story that sucks and ideas that you don’t connect with really. First of all, because if you don’t have a story that you can connect with, it will show in the film.

So how do you come up with an idea for your film? I will tell you how, as an example, in class, I had to come up with a short film for my final project. Since I had no clue what to film or what the story should be about, I started out by doing some research about a topic that interest me. By doing that you would come across some interests facts and scenarios that you can turn into film ideas.  This helped me a lot to come up with a story, that I could turn into a film. When you have an idea for your story , make sure to keep your story simple, it’s better that the concept of your film is something very simple, so stop thinking about making a story that has a complex plot lines and characters, but instead try to build a film around a simple idea that you have.



One thought on “How to come up with a Great short film idea

  1. I wish I got to use the RED it looked so cool. Was it hard to work it or was it more of a go with the flow kind of thing. Great job on the shoot!


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