Last Video

We wanted to do a visual poem about the color red. Alex was the director/editor and we used her shots mostly for the first camera and I did secondary camera and brought props for the shoot. We filmed in a number of locations like Aloha Tower, China Town, and outside of Proofs. A homeless woman charged Alex saying that Alex killed her mom. It was pretty horrifying, funny now though. We covered red items like a shirt, dress, lipstick, nails, car, pillars, sunglasses, and my favorite blood. I had to make the blood which was actually pretty hard because I wanted to get it the right shade of red. I used light corn syrup, three different food coloring’s, and water. It was fun to make. I love creating props. I really had fun on these shoots. Alex is great to work with and any idea I had she was willing to try (even some of the extreme ones).


2 thoughts on “Last Video

  1. The blood was super sticky but surprisingly really easy to clean up. Even did a shot in the bathroom and it cleaned up off the counter and mirror fine.


  2. This was a fun, crazy, and very scary shoot. I am still shook from the homeless lady yelling at me. I’m getting scared just thinking about it. Also the day we went to shoot was really nice out and we got a lot of great shots. Thank you for working on this project with me and thank you for making that blood. It was so cool and realistic. You’re really good at making props.



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