Project #2 for our cinematography workshop class was to produce a 3-4-minute music video while considering, lyrics, themes, musicians/characters, narrative, plot, and formal experimentation.


For this project I was in a group with Yukari and Dinesh, and the initial idea we started off with was to use the song “Loner” by Kali Uchis, and simulate her music video for the song. We really admired the cinematic theme “Loner” has, and how well it fits with the mood and beat of the song. We wanted to execute the same mood and cinematic theme in our music video. Before filming we planned the color tones we wanted throughout the video; vibrant and soft, pink and blue hues, and we had a few locations in mind of where we wanted to shoot to capture these color tones. Later that week we went out and got some shots at the beach during sunset and at a neon light hallway at Ward. Then a few days later we went to The Hub art museum at ward and filmed more shots there.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 3.32.09 PM

After we got all our shots we realized that they didn’t match the narrative of “Loner,” and we then decided to change our song choice, which was a struggle. We edited our images to about three different songs, before finally coming across the upmost perfect song for our cinematic theme, “Focus” by H.E.R.


The key emotions we wanted our audience to experience was really just aesthetic appeasement. We truly just wanted everything to match with this music video; the images, the song, and the editing. From the dark specific neon theme in all the shots, we wanted that to match the heavy chill beat of the song. As well as, through the specific editing technique we used, transitioning each image on the beat, we genuinely wanted to portray a feeling of uniformity through the entirety of this production.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 3.28.31 PM

The story of this music video is about focusing. More specifically through the idea of a camera. With the intro shot of the camera coming down and focusing on the beach, we wanted to represent the idea of focusing on the characters through a camera. Thus, we break the fourth wall, have mostly handheld shots, and have editing distortion in some of the shots to represent this idea.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

The strengths of this projects are the consistent thematic cinematography, editing, and clearness of shots. However, some problem areas include, the excesses shakiness and darkness of some shots. Although we were able to lighten up and steady some of the shots in post, it sort of took away from the rawness of these shots. Also, I feel like some clips were repetitive in the video and that is why we used some distortion, but we may have over done the distortion and taken away from our simplistic and thematic cinematography. Although, overall we are pleased with how the video turned out.


3 thoughts on “Focus.

  1. The use of the light projection was so cool. My favorite scene was the glowing of the cigarette. The editing was on point as well.


  2. Your music video was awesome!!!! Well done. It was very creative, and I could tell that you guys put a lot effort and thoughts into the project. The whole concept of the music video matched up, very well with the song. I really liked the way you guys used different color tones in the video, it made me want to see more, and also want to know what the story behind the film was.


  3. I especially loved your music video, the lighting on it was splendid and the artistic view of it was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was edited to perfection. I love the experimental feel of the project, playing with light and everything. Great job!


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