Lanikai Landscape.

For Field Exercise #2 in our cinematography workshop we had to film landscapes with a sunrise and/or sunset, experiment with the quality of light, and include a character or two.


For my exercise the main idea I started with was to get the sunrise of Lanikai from different perspectives and angles; the beach and the streets. I also wanted my friend to be in a few of the shots walking around and sitting on the beach enjoying the sunrise. The key emotion I wanted my audience to experience was a feeling of serenity and refreshment of a new day. I wanted the cinematography from the sunrise and my friend immersed in the world to invoke a feeling of peace and a state of being content. The story of this video is about a girl enjoying the sunrise and the feeling of a new day. Showing her enjoyment through her involvement with the world around her. Looking out at the ocean and walking through the streets, acknowledging her environment; exemplifying her feelings of serenity.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

After finishing this project, I found that the theme of this video changed from my original idea. It still has the feeling of serenity and peace, although, it seems to be a little bit more playful than I intended, and focused more on my friend within the landscape. Thus, the theme of this video I would say is freedom and peace. At first we see the main character in serenity on the beach, and then it evolves to visual happiness through the main character’s facial expressions when she makes her way towards the streets as the early dawn gets warmer, in which exemplifies a feeling of release and independence. The strengths of this project are the editing, casting, and the composition of feeling. However, some problem areas were the lighting, camera stability, and story-line. I relied too much on the sun that when we went to Lanikai to film it was very cloudy and I couldn’t truly capture the feeling of sunrise. Also, it was extremely windy and my tripod was not very stable so I did most of the shots handheld, so they are a little bit shaky. Also, I needed to plan the story-line of this film better, because looking back at it, this film didn’t come out the way I wanted it too. I should have made a story board in advanced, and while filming I should have been more assertive with how my talent acted so I could have executed my vision more accurately. I would have liked my talent to be a little bit more serious when she was on the street. I feel like I lost some mystery because she was smiling and having fun, but overall I do like how the film came out.


The main aspect from my learning process with this exercise is my practice and control with a DSLR camera. I filmed this in manual so I adjusted the aperture, ISO, and f-stop all on my own, and that helped me to understand how to capture my images in different and specific ways. As well as, giving me the opportunity to mold my own preferences when filming and seeing what I like best in my cinematography.


One thought on “Lanikai Landscape.

  1. The morning light makes this movie really nice. It is peaceful and serine. I never do shoots in the morning because I can’t rise with the sun. your actress did a great job too.


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