Superheroes and Crime Dramas

I don’t watch a lot of crime drama related things because I’m usually into more of the lighter genres and there is a limited amount of things I will watch regularly. I guess out of all the shows I watch the closest thing to the crime drama category would be the DC comic based shows on the CW. I believe technically Arrow fits the category the best for its serious and dark feel but to be honest I’ve only seen a few episodes of the show (I’ve also only seen a few episodes for Legends of Tomorrow) and the spinoffs of The Flash and Super girl seem to catch my attention more for their humor and (of course) lighter feels. But of these two shows, The Flash is the one I got into first and have been watching from the beginning.

The reason I got into this show was because 1)  I have a nagging brother who’s into them and because I usually watch all the marvel movies with him and 2) all my friends were getting into it and also nagging me to watch it. I thought that if everyone around me is watching it, it must be something special so maybe I should just give it a chance. Finally I sat down with my brother and we watched the first two or three episodes of The Flash, and although it was much different from the things I normally watch due to its somewhat technical/scientific dialog and ideas, I immediately became addicted. It’s one of those shows you feel a lot smarter after watching even though it is science fiction because the logic makes a lot of sense. I won’t get too detailed about it because it can get very complicated and become quite a mouthful just to explain, but I will talk about the other things that attracts a fanbase and makes this show worth watching.

First off, it’s about The Flash, so anyone who grew up reading the comics or watching the cartoon serious is obviously going to check this show out to see if it’s any good. On top of that it follows the story of Barry Allen from the beginning of when he first got his powers and even goes into FlashPoint which deals with a whole lot of time travel. Fans are watching closely to see how close to the original storyline the show is following but it’s also really cool to see these things (special effects and real-life versions of the costumes) play out in live action. These effects add beautiful elements to the mise-en-scene of the show.

In addition to the mise-en-scene, the best quality this show has is its ability to keep the audience hooked. They know how to throw in certain elements here and there and keep your attention throughout the entire show. Whenever I sit down to watch it, I literally can’t be disturbed. Don’t talk to me while I’m watching my show or else I might miss something. It seems like there’s rarely ever a dull moment.

Of course the best way to keep your viewers interested to leave your episodes open-ended, which is done very well by providing a scene at the end of each episode that leaves more questions then answers and leads into the next episode. A perfect way to make the viewers want to keep watching. I always find it so difficult to walk away from the TV when I know there’s another episode available for me to watch but I don’t have time to watch it. I could go on talking about this show forever but I digress.

It’s true that crime dramas are definitely a popular genre. I think the main reason people like it is because it has the mystery, suspense, and drama that they can get attached to but what they may not be realizing is it actually addresses many of the issues we deal with in the real-world today. I notice while hearing older people watching TV, many of the comments they make are along the lines of “geez, so much violence! How could people be so sick and twisted. The world is getting worse and worse.” I don’t know if that’s really the case or if it has always been like that. However, I do think that maybe it really has always been like that but because some things that people have done to others can be really intense, disturbing, or hard to watch, it has been kept out of television programming because it’s too real for people to handle. Although now, it seems like more and more negative things are being brought into the light and people are becoming more excepting towards those things and maybe even starting to take an interest in it. Maybe that explains why these shows are so popular. If that really is the case then maybe instead of just seeking entertainment from these shows people should be looking into these issues; how it’s related to real life events. Maybe the answers the the problems characters face in these shows are also the answers to real life problems. If more people made that connection and addressed this issues maybe our world could be a better place after all. Either I’m on to something or I’m looking too far into this lol. Back to what I was saying, it’s all just a theory.


5 thoughts on “Superheroes and Crime Dramas

  1. Hey Jenna,

    I as well am not that much into the crime drama genre. Although, I do think it is a truly great genre, and since it has been around sine the start of cinema, it is truly a classic genre as well. Thus holding a higher status than most of the other genres because it has been around longer, and in which then has more films and television shows in the genre. Furthermore, I agree with you that crime dramas are some of the best overall productions, captivating the audience through the props and constant action. Great post!



  2. Crime dramas are my shit, but not so much when it comes to superhero shows. I can barely breathe through AoS and that is something I really like.
    Crime dramas have been around for so long that it seems more normal to me to watch. Even though half the time I’m watching Supernatural, it’s still a crime drama. TO ME.


  3. I myself like the crime dramas because I like the mystery. Although I personally out of all the CW superhero shows, the one that currently keeps me entertained is Supergirl and The Flash. I only got hooked on The Flash from around this season. I got bored one night and decided to watch it on netflix and thats when I found out that it was a good show, plus the humor was good too. Supergirl however for me, I kept up on it since it came out…


  4. I’ve only watched The Flash and Arrow but I never really saw ’em as crime dramas, but not that you mention it, maybe they are. When I think of crime I think of Criminal Minds and CSI, but there’s definitely a crime element to the CW shows. I think Arrow is still my favorite, but I’ve jumped off the hype train in the last couple of seasons. Now I just watch whenever I feel like it or have time. I have to give it to the CW though, they get a lot of hate but have built up quite the DC on TV universe there. And the fact that all the shows are still going strong is a good sign. Great, interesting post.

    That said, would you be interested in sharing your thoughts and opinions on Movie Pilot? I’d love to invite you to join the platform, and to hear from you so I can to expand on what that means. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail, my contact details are on my “About” page. Hope to hear from you.


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