Advertising with Media Systems

I’m sure we’ve all seen advertisements on the television, heard the occasional jingle on the radio, but now advertisements have infiltrated our internet video platforms!

I can’t speak for other people when I say this, but advertisements during a Facebook video binge is not my idea of fun. I can understand the telly, radio, and even my YouTube. However! They’ve taken things too far with ads during my Facebook cat binge.

Adverts are a promotion message that companies employ to get more customers and prospective consumers interested in their products. Placing them in areas of high traffic makes sense. Ads have been on the telly for as long as I can remember, and I didn’t have any cable growing up, it was on my cassette tapes and all that jazz. Even now ads are a part of all my movie experiences, the beginning trailers.

Radio advertisements are slightly more annoying, because I’m on the radio to listen to music not thirty minutes of “The wedding ring shop. WE CAN MAKE DIAMONDS A PART OF YOUR LIFE.” Despite that annoyance, I can still understand the adverting placement. Adverts on the radio have been around as long as radio has been invented; it was how many housewives were able to get information of the new fashion and celebrity interests.

Nonetheless! When I’m trying to get my daily dose of uninterrupted cats being stupid, I DON’T WANT ANY ADVERTISEMENTS. I was in the middle of watching some random FaceBook videos when out of nowhere I saw “video will resume after the ad”. WHY? Why place an ad on a video that NO ONE SEES?! There was no point to it! To be even more infuriating it was in the middle of a 41 SECOND video. All I can say at this point is, “WHY?”


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