Ending the Semester

This class has been a complete ride for me. From the random Twitch group project to the anime research paper, it’s been so much fun and interesting. I didn’t even notice it when I got excited for classes on Wednesdays because of this course. When I was enrolling in college I didn’t think I was going to take so many Multimedia courses to begin with, but I’m glad I did.

I’ve learned a lot about technology and how I am able to live in the world I am living in, and I’m more grateful for it. I’ve learned orly in life that having an abundant amount of knowledge is good, but knowing what to do with that knowledge is better. I plan to use this new found information in my social work and hope that I use it well.


It was a great class y’all!


One thought on “Ending the Semester

  1. Yeah What made it for me were the people I enjoyed sitting with. The Paper was pretty fun you don’t get to write to often on your favorite cinematographer and TV series to often in school. Great job this year.


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