Pranks in Hollywood and on National TV

A long, long time ago, there was this show called “Punk’d”. Fronted by then “That 70’s Show” Ashton Kucher, Kucher and a camera crew (as well as some nerves of steel actors) would go around pressing the buttons of various celebrities. Just as someone was about to lose their cool and call the cops, Kucher would pop out of his hidey hole and all was well. One of his more infamous ones was when he had the “IRS” show up at Justin Timberlake’s house and started seizing all of his stuff. JT went into shock, before he began crying. Then he pulled out the big guns: he called his Mom. At this point Kucher stepped in and JT wanted to kill and hug the prankster at the same time.

Another one that I heard about but didn’t see (because this was long before my time) was about opening a safe that was suppose to hold the remains of something that belong to Jesus Christ. It was broadcast all over national television with experts and reports speculation on what it could it possibly be. They eventually opened the safe to find…nothing.

It light of recent world events, more media outlets are steering away from jokers and pranksters and trying to go after the cold hard truth. Even MTV has scaled back on it’s “Punk’d” days, now going after “Catfish” and watching stupid people do stupid stuff online with “Ridiculousness”. The Onion is trying to ruffle some feathers every now and again but with the Cheeto in Chief sleeping in the Big House, even some of the real news looks like one of their headlines. That being said, there’s also this guy (, and he’s real.


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