Twitch in the Future

Twitch is a possible way of making an income for any casual streamer. It’s not a “gaming only” platform, but it’s well known for its gaming community. E-sports gamers (such as LoL, Smite, OverWatch, CS:GO) usually stream using the Twitch platform. Players that have a large following and stream often can easily make millions. Such as PewDiePie, Markiplier, and CaptainSparklez who have made businesses out of their gaming. Streaming can also be about something as mundane as eating silently. With a following of 250-1,000 subscribers, streamers can make an easy profit and even more with ad revenue.

For the future, Twitch has planned for system and platform updates to make the streaming quality better for both streamers and viewers. I think they’re going to reach out to do more sponsorships and possibly touch on the console production, like Google and their owning company Amazon has.


One thought on “Twitch in the Future

  1. the in-class presentation on Twitch was interesting, as i had never heard of Twitch or had any idea what it was.


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