If real news is now labeled as ‘fake news’, then does that make ‘fake news’ real?

If you read my final paper for Modern Media Systems, then you would read my interpretation of where we stand in American media right now. I believe that the media has greatly contributed to having a reality tv star and business man in the White House, to living in the “post-truth” era, and also to having a more deeply divided nation.

President Donald Trump (I really can’t get used to writing that) has earned a reputation for slamming the media and labeling anything he does not agree with as ‘fake news’. After this last election, in which the dissemination of ‘fake news’ and ‘click-bait’ journalism and propaganda affected our electoral process, ‘fake news’ became a real threat with real consequences. Trump is obviously abusing this type of media by labeling all opposing thought and coverage as ‘fake news’.

As real news gets labeled ‘fake’ however, it begs the question… is ‘fake news’ now real? I believe that it is to some degree. Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’ is a popular news and current events satire program that offers up one of the best analyses of politics and the news that I have found. Same with “Last WEek Tonight’ with JOhn Oliver, which I also watch frequently on YouTube. While these are both ‘fake news’ / satire programs, they deliver timely, on-point, admittedly left-leaning content which both entertains and informs Americans as to what is happening in their world and their government. They’re much more ‘real’ than many sources that present themselves as “fair and balanced” journalism. wink wink nudge nudge, i’m referring to you FNC.daily show trump


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