Cinematography Workshop Class

This class was interesting, it was well worth the ride this semester. I loved that I got to use the red camera from HMI and got to go see the equipments that HMI offers us students. The actual workshop that I got to be the director of was fun…. Bossing people around is what I want to do for a living… ๐Ÿ˜› It’s allowed me to see a more comprehensive structure of how a movie set is like, and a better understanding of setup, of how long it can take to be ready just to shoot a 5 second clip only to tear down the setup and move it somewhere else.

I would say my favourite part of this class was the workshop because it allowed us to work as a group and all chip in for ideas and to create something interesting and fantastic. Plus the actors wasn’t so bad… ๐Ÿ˜›


One thought on “Cinematography Workshop Class

  1. I loved working on this production. It was so cool using the tracks and the RED camera. It really felt like a set, and I got so nervous having to present, but I overall really enjoyed the experience of this production. Great post and great directing.



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