Congratulations Class of 2017!!!

Hi everyone my name is Yukari, I am a Multimedia Cinematic Production major from Chiba, Japan. Although I still have two more semesters to finish my degree, I know most of my classmates are leaving me (WHY!?!? *crying*). I would like to take this opportunity here to say thank you all very much for being supportive, kind and most importantly, patient with my poor English.

When I first came here in Hawaii, I had no friends and my English was much worse. For the reason I was very scared to form a group for school projects, but you guys all have been really nice and helped me a lot for this past three years. I always loved working with you guys.

I also loved how creative you guys were. I was always very excited to see your projects. Your comments and feedbacks for my projects were helpful as well, and your compliments made me really, really happy.

I am not too sure yet, but I will be studying abroad next semester in Europe again. I will be back in Hawaii next year and finish my degree, so if you need any help with your future film projects, please let me know! I will be more than happy to create art with you again. (My website is :

I could seriously write a whole book about how awesome you guys are and how much I will miss you all, but because I am about to cry, I shall stop for now. Thank you again so much you guys are amazing!!!

Congratulations I will bring leis for you on Thursday! Good luck on your next adventure!!! Please stay in touch. x

(I am going to leave my instagram account so you can hit me up: @yukari90s)



Don’t leave me,







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