For our Cinematography Workshop final film I worked with Izzy on a visual poem.

The main idea we started off with for this video was actually to make a real confession hotline. Unfortunatley, since we live in Hawaii a lot of the apps that let you add a secondary phone line to your iPhone, didn’t let e register since I am outside of the mainland. However, we came up with an idea to do a visual poem instead. It first started out as the color red, then we decided to film characters that went with a philosophical song that my friend made.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The source of our idea came from my fiend. I really enjoyed this song, and when we were trying to figure out how to make a visual poem about the color red, whether to just add over the shots or have a voice over, when we came across this song/speech, “Dreams” by Nauges we decided to spin our approach on this visual poem.


The key emotions we wanted our audience to experience is a feeling of existence and insignificance. Through Watts words and the rhythmic heavy beat, we wanted our audience to place themselves ourside of their own minds and have a realization of sonder, and how truly amazing life and existence is.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

This story is about three characters that are in different places, but do a lot of the same things, such as observe, walk, acknowledge, and interact with their particular environment. In which, expresses the idea of sonder and the vividness that every single person on this earth’s life pertains, and the amount of control we all have in our own lives. The theme of the piece that we discovered after finishing is the idea of dreams and lucid dreaming, and that relation to your true reality and everyday life.

The strengths of this project are the variety of shots and the editing to the song. The problem areas include shakiness with a few of the shots. Also, some shots were unclear and took away from the intimacy and vivid sole reality of these character’s worlds’. From this project, I learned to plan things out a little bit better. Also, I learned how to cast people and direct. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this production, and am pleased with how the video came out.


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