Final Film

I was bouncing around from one project to the other, it started off working with Trusty, then by myself on a personal project and then I joined Alyssa, Emma and Anna’s group to only realize that it was better off working by myself again. The idea of my final film is just using the footage that was collected from the workshop to create a short film of behind the scenes action plus the final outcome of the film. it’s simplistic yet it allowed me to look back and see what happened behind the scenes while I was busy focusing on directing the shoot.

We got to use a Red camera from HMI with the dolly and tracks, it was interesting because it was the most sophisticated camera that I have used up to date and it produced amazing quality footage. It’s great to see what can be achieved through group work. Having Kyler and Elle helped because Kyler was on Camera and Elle recorded the audio. Had help from Yukari, Tori and Emma with behind the scenes action, which in the end helped me compile what I currently have now.

The actors in this short film also was a great help, they were fun to work with and plus they helped achieve what we have now.


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