Final Project Critique “If I were President”

Director/ Producer: Yukari Kamiya

Cinematographer: Kaito Orihara, Victorya Verleysen

Editor: Dinesh Grung

Equipments: Sony α6300/ 18-108mm Zoom Lens

Location: Hawaii Pacific University

We had interviews with several international students and got over ten minutes long footage, so we decided to make a video out of clips we took on campus. It is a very serious topic so I asked Dinesh to make it look casual and funny with memes. Dinesh did a great job editing, the video turned out very funny but yet not offensive. I want my audience to laugh and enjoy this video and to know some facts of unique countries.

Only problem we had was we did not have a microphone with us. We considered about using a boom, but since we were interviewing in classrooms, walking around the campus, we decided not to bring it. For the reason, some of the videos we took outside sounded really bad, especially it was on fort street mall, we caught homeless people’s shouting in the background. It was really windy too. Next time when I go out and interview someone, I will bring a small microphone or attach a small boom to my camera.

Overall it was a fun project. Most of the students were nice and willing to help our film. I found some interesting facts throughout the interviews, too. I was not looking for the best quality, I always wanted to make this kind of funny video, so it was successful. It was my first attempt but turned out good, I would love to make another bunch of these videos before I graduate.


2 thoughts on “Final Project Critique “If I were President”

  1. Hey it was fun helping you guys out for this, I enjoyed giving my . perspective. I liked the fact that you guys were interested in not only hearing silly suggestions from people but also serious ones, some of them really surprised you. Especially that one girl from the film genre class that talked about the dog meat thing. It was fun so thank you for having me as someone to question and not only giving my voice on what I think but then also asking everyone else


  2. Hey Yukari,

    I look forward to watching your final film. I’m sure it’ll be great. I really like the idea you have behind your film. I think it is very relevant and adding humor is a nice touch. I can’t wait to see it.



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