Landscape Critique “A Day in Hawaii”

Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor: Yukari Kamiya

Equipments: Sony α6300/ 18-108mm Zoom Lens/ Tripod

Location: Ala Moana Beach, Lanikai Beach, Ala Moana Mall, Streets in Honolulu

I took a bunch of landscape videos in several places on island and named this video “A Day in Hawaii.” I put morning shots first, then evening shots, and night shots in the end. This video is for people who do not live in Hawaii to know what Hawaiian town looks like in a few minutes.

At first I was planning to film from the top of a mountain, but during the days the weather had been really bad, so I could not go on a hike. Then I decided to go to the nearest beach and film some shots when the rain stopped. I also used some clips I filmed during spring break. I believe that living in Hawaii, one can get tons of amazing shots, however, I had missed chances by taking it for granted. I am very glad that I went out shooting, because in Hawaii, pretty much everything could look great when it is sunny.

Leaning from my depth of field project, I was able to use a royalty free song that matches my video. My classmate taught me that I could use old enough songs so it was royalty free. I picked an old Hawaiian song and I think it fits well.

One thing I wish I had is a stabilizer. My lens has a stabilizer inside so it reduced the shakiness somewhat, but it was not enough. Right now I cannot afford one but I would like to try filming with a stabilizer in the near future.


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