Earlier on in the semester I did a short film regarding the landscape. I didn’t really have an idea in mind, just thought to film around town at different times of day. In the end I thought it was nice to add some timelapses. Since I had a camera that didn’t naturally have that function, I had to casually film while using a tripod, the camera idling on the side and get several minutes of film, then while editing quicken the speed of the shot in order to create a timelapse. I found out that I love film the sunrise or even sunset because I was able to capture some amazing light. I love creating a timelapse of the sunrise.
I wanted it to be quite adventurous and so I thought why not add some gopro shots that I already had before from last summer, it sure was a world traveller of a short film.


One thought on “Landscape

  1. Hey Lucy,

    I absolutely loved your landscape film. Especially the time-lapse of the sunrise and your had a close up of the sun and the frame had two building on either side and it was so psychedelic when the sun was rising an ricocheting light of the side of those building. I thoroughly enjoyed your video. Great job!



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