Music Video

For the music video I worked with Anna, Alyssa and Emma to create what we have. It was interesting because we had to have everyone scheduled so it would fit with our timetable. Anna was the director and I was more the assisting directing position, though I was a huge help on camera because I played the love interest. It was fun and I was able to help with some of the ideas. We knew we couldn’t do the whole song because we didn’t have that much time to film, so we managed to cut it down and so I helped with the thought of the ending.

I guess in some way I also helped with the shooting of the video because we used my camera (Nikon D3200). The second time that we went out to shoot Alyssa who was our camera women had to work so me, Anna and Emma worked the camera together.


One thought on “Music Video

  1. Hey Lucy,

    I really liked your teams music video. I thought it went perfectly with the song you guys choose. It was also really really entertaining. I thought you guys did a good job of executing a narrative music video that had a lot of depth and variety. Great job.



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