Music Video Critique “Focus – H.E.R”

Watchi Online

Director/ Producer: Yukari Kamiya / Alexandria Allen

Cinematographer: Yukari Kamiya/ Alexandria Allen/ Dinesh Grung

Equipments: Sony α6300/ 18-108mm Zoom Lens/ Cannon

Location: Ala Moana Beach, HUB (Art Museum)

This project is so far my favorite of all the excursuses I did for this class. Alex and I came up with the idea of “chill-vibes” but we did not really have a story to it. We started filming before sunset and the sky turned out really pretty, and we decided to make this video with pink and light-blue colors. Although we don’t have a story, we were able to create the mysterious atmosphere. We bought cigarettes to create the look as well.

At first we were going to use a different song, but after shooting and looking back the clips we took, we found out the song would not fit very much. Then we actually tried putting bunch of different songs and saw which one fitted the best. We tried to find a royalty free music, but for art’s sake, we decided to use a song called “Focus.”

I edited the videos first, and after showing it Alex, she still wanted to add some effects she had in Final Cut. I am a huge Adobe Premiere user and Alex uses Final Cut. I have not really used Final Cut before so did not know the amazing effects she put on the video. I am really glad to know the potential of Final Cut, now I really want to try editing videos with Final Cut once. After all, we really like our completed music video and are very certified with what we did.


2 thoughts on “Music Video Critique “Focus – H.E.R”

  1. Hey Yukari,

    It was so much fun working on this music video with you. I agree that this was by far one of the funniest projected I worked on this semester. I think the “good vibe” filming we had really helped to create that feeling of “chill vibes” in the video. Thank you for working on this project with me, I absolutely love how this video turned out! 🙂


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