My last day of college

I planned to finish all of my schoolwork the week before school ended so that this week I would just relax and prepare. However, typical to myself I am working up to the last minute. I can’t believe I have actually gotten everything done and done on time. This semester was crazy and as much fun as it was I am happy it’s coming to an end.

My family is coming this weekend and I am so excited to just relax and have some fun with them. Someone asked me the other day if I was proud of myself and to be honest I really am. College always just seemed like something I would definitely do, not something I really had to think about but looking back it was such a challenging time and I can’t believe I actually made it through. There was a point somewhere in the middle where I thought about just dropping out and moving to another country to work and explore. This is something I still really want to do but I’m so happy I finished what I started and made it to the end.


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