The Flash- TV Series

Ok why not, lets criticize the tv series The Flash…

What can I say, I have been hooked on this show since I say Barry Allen get hit with the lightening from the particle excelerator from season one, and I didn’t see that one coming, the reveal of who Reverse Flash was. Then came season 2 where we get to see another big bad who also happens to be a speedster, which was zoom. I love how this series was shot. It fits the DC comics, and the lighting used fits the mood.

The first season was amazing, the second too but when the third season also happend to be related to a speedster, just that it being savitar it kind of became old. One of my favourite scenes from this season was the meeting with savitar and Killer Frost. It was an interesting, the lighting was great. Frost is frosting and Savitar has a cold heart, made sense with the blue hue for the lighting.


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