All the Pretty Girls-Kaleo cover (Music Video)


I started the project with an open mind. I wanted to find a local musician who wanted to do a music video of an original song, so I reached out to several local musicians and found one who wanted to do a cover of All the Pretty Girls by Kaleo.

I listened to the song a few times and decided it was very intimate so I wanted to capture that emotion. Sensual, intimate and almost sexual about a guy who is jealous of another man for getting all the pretty girls but doesn’t treat them good. He is begging for a chance but feels cursed to be alone so he contemplates if death would be better. The visual story gives the feeling of a date from the point of view of the girls’ partner playfully filming her as they adventure.

The story opens up with a desaturated tilt up shot of waves crashing on a rocky beach, then goes through shots of a girl singing a song and playing the guitar.

All of the locations had beautiful landscape views in the background. I discovered a motif of adventure that was not exactly planed but worked well in the video.

Strengths would be beautiful locations, good audio, lots of cuts synced to the music and the emotional draw.

I filmed this with a flycam so there is a little wobble to it. I plan on getting a Ronin so future shoots like this will be much smoother.


Notes on your learning process, discoveries and frustrations

Had a lot of fun with this video and learned a lot about types of shots that I like and techniques for camera movement.




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