Studio Time Freeze


We needed to use the green screen room so we decided to make a video of a production with a time-freeze of everyone standing as still as possible on the “action” que of the director.

I have been wanting to do a time freeze video for a long time. I was excited about this opportunity because I recently got a camera capable of capturing slow motion.

I wanted the audience to be confused about what was happening. I wanted the time freeze to be drastic and unexpected so the audience would be in awe when the color saturation suddenly appears and the music gets “weird”.  I wanted the audience to be in the production.

The story opens up in a dark room and pans left to our director and camera guy sorting out gear then follows them into the green screen room where she is directing an interview. After she checks on everything she stands next to the camera and yells “action” then the music gets stretched and all movement in the frame stops except for camera movement. The camera swings around the room focusing on each team member and other props in the room. When the camera makes full circle back to the director she finishes her “action” movement stopping the freeze and starting the interview.

The biggest strength of this project would be its uniqueness. I found a few other similar videos, but none quite like this.

When I realized that the other cameras footage wouldn’t work for this video I decided to try and keep it all on single shot with no cuts, but it was too long so I ended up making several cuts.

Notes on your learning process, discoveries and frustrations

I had a lot of fun with this project and learned a few new editing techniques that I can build upon on future projects.



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