Delicatessen (1991)

Delicatessen, a French post-apocalyptic film, indulges into dark comedy with witty lines, well-revolving plot lines, and an eery but comedic addition of cannibalism. The director, Marc Caro, did an amazing job of tying the many storylines together in this film. From the use of a circus monkey to display pathos, to the small but important inclusion of a boomerang knife ‘The Australian’, Caro displayed what it takes to put together a well rounded horror/comedy film. The cross between genres is done excellently with Delicatessen, ‘Troglodistes’ are brought in for well done comedic irony, along with a deaf grandma that isn’t aware she might be the buildings next meal. All-in-all this French film was very well put together and brought a lot of awareness to apartment building butchers.


2 thoughts on “Delicatessen (1991)

  1. I also found it very interesting the cross between horror and comedy. This movie was the first time I saw these types of genres combined and I actually enjoyed it. It was intriguing to see the horror of cannibalism made fun of in the film.

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