Delicatessen (1992)

I was thoroughly entertained by all the dark humor in this film!! I think what amplifies the humor and jokes despite the melodramatic apocalyptic theme is the fact that most everybody does whatever they have to in order to survive or end their misery. I was also fascinated by the choice of filming the majority of these scenes in this yellowish brown hue which gave me that other worldly bottom of the gutter vibe and at one point the story does take us to the sewers. I think the biggest theme that helps make up this apocalyptic theme, and boost the comedy while its at it, would have to be Desperation. If pushed far enough people do the craziest things at last resort. The butcher has no way to keep up his meat shop so he kills or maims his tenants and sells their body parts for money, his daughter is sick of this lifestyle and rats her dad out to the VegiNazis outside when he plots to get at the clown, and everybody goes after the couple with the butcher at the front line despite the fact they know he’s been chopping some of them up for meat.



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