Delicatessen Reaction Post

My very first reaction to this film was minutes before the film even began. When Professor Britos casually stated, “It’s a comedy but it’s about cannibalism” and left me with my mouth left wide open. Had that not had not been mentioned, I would have no idea what I was about to watch.

When I first started watching the film I was surprised that it was in french and not english! I guess us Americans are used to only english. I was super confused what the heck was happening with the guy in the trashcan and hiding and I still do not understand that guy’s background story too much, but I guess it was the first intro into the cannibalism side of the story. Which was not that obvious in the beginning of the film.

To me I think that the introduction of cannibalism was great. Like I said, if cannibalism was not mentioned prior to the film, I would not have known. I would have been even more shocked because the way they showed it was a story about cannibalism was super creative and interesting. When I first saw the man in the trashcan get killed I thought he was just getting killed, not eaten. It wasn’t until the husband was talking to his wife about being extremely hungry that I started to see the cannibalism side of the story.

Besides the obvious black comedy, there was also (surprisingly) some romantic comedy in this film. The romance between Louison and Julie was really sweet and hilarious at some points. My favorite shot of the whole movie was their first kiss shared underwater. I thought that was a great shot! I cannot think of another movie that has a scene like that one. Of course there are other movies with under the water-kissing scenes, but not like this shot. I loved the lighting, her blond hair flowing through the water and moving just in time for the kiss, and that it wasn’t uncomfortable to watch or too corny. It was very natural and sweet.

My favorite scene would have to be apart of the romantic comedy between Louison and Julie. When Julie invites Louison to her house and she takes off her glasses to prepare herself for the night. But things go south and she gets all mixed up and thrown off cause she’s in the wrong seat and the music goes crazy and ends up breaking her vase. She is so calm about it and brings out a second vase. All the while Louison doesn’t say a thing or criticize her, but goes along with it. I thought that was both hilarious and adorable at the same time. Especially because I wear glasses/contacts, so I know some of her struggles of being blind without my second pair of eyes.

I can also see how this film fits in the genre of post-apocalyptic. All of the characters, besides Julie and Clapet, had no money and no way of getting food for themselves or their families. They all lived in a run-down apartment complex and waited around for human meat. The outside world was depicted as dark and foggy all the time, and had those creepy Troglos underground. It was a wasteland in and out of the apartment complex and the characters had to do anything necessary to stay alive.

Overall, I really liked this post-apocalyptic movie. It was unlike any other movie I have seen before. There were so many weird-quirky characters and scenes in the movie I was wondering how they all connected at some points. For example the crazy lady who tried to commit suicide throughout the whole movie. What the heck?!? I was so confused but it was hilarious! Which makes me see why this is a black comedy film. The fact that the movie is about cannibalism and is funny is very unusual. Then to have characters trying to commit suicide and eating their own family members is hilariously dark.


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