Reaction Post: Delicatessen (1991)

This fantasy/comedy film caught me off guard multiple times. I thought I had a good grasp at what was going on.. and then next thing you know things changed. For example there was a crazy lady (who actually isn’t crazy – someone was messing with her) who could have died multiple times but didn’t and the introduction overall of the many characters in such a compact yet well timed film. In this film there was quite a bit of things going on from the post apocalyptic vibe (desolation – building/surrounding buildings were in ruin), the cannibalism and the strange Troglodistes (rebel cult), etc.IMG_0015

Overall, I enjoyed the movie, the different music they had in the background along with the dark comedy in the movie. The main protagonist Louison was an awesome handy man and had a great attitude; he always figured it out and had interesting gadgets and ways to go about things.

Directed by Marc Caro
Jean-Pierre Jeunet



2 thoughts on “Reaction Post: Delicatessen (1991)

  1. I understand where you are coming from regarding your comment “I thought I had a good grasp at what was going on.. and then next thing you know things changed.” There were some parts of the movie that made me confuse as well. Scenes that threw me off were the ones of the lady trying to kill herself, but never killed herself or the scenes of the old man with his room half flooded with water, frogs, and snails. The concept of these scenes hasn’t occurred to me on how they relate to the film.


  2. I agree, this film was really good. The scene with the crazy lady who turned out not to be crazy, In the beginning, I actually thought she was crazy, to be honest. But I think that is what makes this move great because there is a constant tension between two very different worlds, makes the movie more exciting to watch. There is this constant uncertainty of what is going to happen next, that is how I felt with the crazy lady but also with the other scenes as well. The background music differently plays a huge roll in the film for sure I think. Music helps film to convey emotion and makes us more connected to the film and connect us with the idea of the film, and that is what this movie did.


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