Reaction Post: Delicatessen (1991)

This fantasy/comedy film caught me off guard multiple times. I thought I had a good grasp at what was going on.. and then next thing you know things changed. For example there was a crazy lady (who actually isn’t crazy – someone was messing with her) who could have died multiple times but didn’t and the introduction overall of the many characters in such a compact yet well timed film. In this film there was quite a bit of things going on from the post apocalyptic vibe (desolation – building/surrounding buildings were in ruin), the cannibalism and the strange Troglodistes (rebel cult), etc.IMG_0015

Overall, I enjoyed the movie, the different music they had in the background along with the dark comedy in the movie. The main protagonist Louison was an awesome handy man and had a great attitude; he always figured it out and had interesting gadgets and ways to go about things.

Directed by Marc Caro
Jean-Pierre Jeunet



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