Reaction to Delicatessen

This movie has a very unique storyline to it, in the sense that there are a few different “main avenues” of story-telling. Not only was this film a depiction of an apocalyptic time where food is scarce so people turn to cannibalism to survive, but it also incorporated a love story, as well as having a group of protagonists who, in secrecy, were fighting against the Butcher throughout the whole movie. Although the movie was kind of all over the place, for me it didn’t take much dialogue to understand what was going on at each different part of the movie. One of my favorite shots was the Butcher threatening to kill one of the tenants grandmothers for food if he didn’t pay up. To me, this perfectly exemplified the lifestyle and choices people would make in apocalyptic situations. Regardless of how loyal that tenant was, the one with power in those situations will always do what they need to, in order to ensure their safety and well-being. Finally, the eerie outdoors scenes definitely make you feel for the time this movie was taking place in. It made me uneasy and showed the Butcher’s true devilish side with up-close/low-angle shots in the mistiness.


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