In my reaction to Delicatessen, I saw not only the disturbing ways of the people and how they live in the movie but also I obtained a clearer vision of human nature. In the movie, Aurore was a suicidal character whose one goal in life was to kill herself. She would try many extensive plans in order to kill her self. It was odd though because even though she wanted to die she never did just kill herself. All her plans and schemes were set up so that someone other than herself would have to kill her.  It got me thinking, does she really want to kill herself or does she only think she does. I believed it showed a battle of the human sub-conscience versus the human conscience. She believed that she wanted to die so then why didn’t she just pull the trigger or fall off the chair and hang herself. Why did she make all these elaborate plans that constantly failed due to the others in the building?

Another thing I noticed was how quickly in situations that people can change in how they view things and how they act.  As I watched Aurore try to kill herself the first time I was panic struck hoping that the plan failed. But as the movie went on and she tried to kill herself again I started hoping her plan wouldn’t fail. I started hoping that this time she would die and I was sad and disappointed when she didn’t. It was so easy in a desperate situation that how I view wrong and right changed so quickly. Now to put that into context with the rest of the movie. We all were disgusted by the fact that the people in Delicatessen ate other people, but could we really judge them. I mean my view of Aurore and her wish to die changed only after a few attempts. Now imagine being in a situation where there is little to no food. Can we really call the people of Delicatessen evil or disturbed? Can we really believe that we would never do that? Or is it just human nature? Do ANYTHING to survive.


One thought on “Delicatessen

  1. when we first witnessed the first attempt, I was like “Oh my gosh! Is this really happening!?” And by the second attempt I was laughing to myself because she was trying again, and by the third time I was laughing at how ridiculous this was getting. I had a slightly different reaction though. I didn’t necessarily hope that she’d really die, because after the first and seeing the second, I knew those were just a hopeless attempts that would never work. And that’s what made it so funny. instead, my mind wondered how would she fail this time? What would go wrong?
    I also noticed that every time she tried, her strategies got a little more complicated. The first, just a lamp falling into the tub. Then all the way to the end where she was trying to use everything imaginable to commit suicide. The gun, hanging herself, pills, etc.
    And this is brought back to your idea of cannibalism in this movie, and if we can really judge those people for eating others. Humans will go to drastic measures to survive, but in this case Aurore thought she needed to die. The characters got so bad they resorted to killing their own grandmother. When they had usually killed strangers and it meant less to them. They didn’t feel as bad or think about it as much.
    So the cannibalism and suicide attempts progressed through the film. They both started from one extreme and continued to get even more extreme.


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